Where does my donation go?

File Hosting and Bandwidth

We pay a monthly fee for hosting the over 400 podcasts that are available for download 24 hours a day. Your donations not only help us with the bill, but more donations will enable us to begin video podcasting right to your mobile device.

Audio and Video Streaming

We're working on a dedicated server for a 24 hour "radio station" so you can hear latest The CU from your desk, car, or anywhere you can stream audio. You'll also hear chant, contemporary Catholic Music, and other compelling programming from our partners at Catholic Community Radio.

We also would like to launch CU Television as a 24 hour service with original programming. This is a long term goal, but one for which we're gathering resources now!

Video Production Equipment
and Software

The top notch video production requires the latest software and additional plugins to give our shows that extra "pop".

We'd also like to build a better set. While we've got some talented folks to help us, we've got to pay for the raw materials!

Regular Technology Upgrades

Boy, oh boy. Technology is growing fast. With your donations, we'll be able to keep up with the swift pace of communications tech.